Essex Fans specialises in the supply, repair and service of commercial & industrial fans and ventilation

Essex Fans is based in Southend Essex but covers the entire area of Essex and surrounding counties. 

We have several years experience working within odour extraction from kitchens in Hotels, restaurants, bakers, take away restaurants, bars, factories and paint shops and many more. 

Customer service is very important to us and we feel we provide an excellent cost-effective service and provide prompt and efficient solutions to ensure our customers stay with us. 

Essex Fans offers a whole range of ventilation products and equipment designed with quality, safety, reliability and performance in mind. 

The fans and extraction units we use fit the perfect size fan to suit the room and the application.  They are sleek, slim & some have mixed centrifugal/axial fan flow technology.  Some fans can be highly compact & efficient, extremely quiet in operation, & suitable for use with ducting. 

Fans & extractors suited to various applications from showers to kitchens.  Many with features such as, timers humidity-stats and self lubricating bearings for a long life and ultra reliability. 

Many of our ducting accessories are suited to a range of applications including cooker hoods.  Ducting accessories include duct tape, air bricks, grilles, various bends and connectors, back draught shutters, adaptors and clips for ducting



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